Valide du 1er avril au 31 mai 2021

Ne tombez pas en panne cette hiver! Faite vérifier votre système de charge et profiter d’un rabais postal de 25$ à l’achat d’une batterie NAPA

*Valide du 1 février au 31 mars 2021

Forgotten filters promotion

Whether it's for oils or for cabin filters, before they get blocked, the filters must be changed!


Forgotten filters promotion

What you get with this promotion

Replace engine oil

  • Regular oil: maximum 5L (4.50$/liter extra)

  • Synthetic oil: extra charge (20$ for 5L) (8.50$/L extra)

Transmission oil change (max 8L (n/a on special oil)

  • Includes Prolab* anti-friction treatment if eligible

  • Filter in addition**

Replace air and cabin filters

  • Filter in addition**

Get bonuses too!


21-point vehicle inspection and road test

  • Inspect brake system vibration

  • Inspect ride noise

  • Inspect general road handling


6 months roadside assistance from "Castrol Roadside Assistance"

Towing service / lockout service / tire change service / ALSO free route mapping / emergency roadside assistance in Canada and the United States / mechanical first aid / emergency battery service


Subscribe to Napa's 10 year / 400,000km warranty if eligible

10/400 Maintenance Warranty - Warranties - NAPA AUTOPRO


*Prolab: Addition of an anti-friction additive if engine/transmission specifications permit

**Filters: Filter costs are extra. Additional discounts are also available on the purchase of filters. Charges per additional liter of oil over 5L are applicable, as are additional charges for synthetic oil.

399.95 plus tax**

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$20 rebate for your next purchases